Shakespearean March Madness: The Final Four

Ladies and gentlemen, we are down to our last four competitors, and it’s quite a set. From the quarterfinal matches: Richard III, by now quite used to dealing with manipulative females, takes out Lady Macbeth, 38-22. On the other hand, clever and ruthless Queen Margaret outwits Iago, 34-20. Titus Andronicus just barely managed to edge out in front of Prospero, taking a late-game 27-22 victory, while Henry V won handily over Macbeth (39-6) — not a good day for Scotland. These results give us our Final Four: Richard III, Queen Margaret, Titus Andronicus, and Henry V.

Semifinal 1: Richard III vs Queen Margaret

Who wins the battle?

  • Richard III
  • Queen Margaret

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Semifinal 2: Titus Andronicus vs Henry V

Who wins the battle?

  • Titus Andronicus
  • Henry V

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So we have a grudge rematch and a battle between two legendary generals. Tough calls all around, but I’m going with Margaret and Henry. This is the opportunity for vengeance that Margaret’s been waiting for, and I think she’ll make the most of it. As for Henry, I think he’s just plain got more staying power than Titus. That English longbow will do for the legions, and Henry can outwit and outmaneuver Titus on the leadership side.

Who do you think deserves to move on to the finals? Vote and discuss your choices! These polls will be open till Thursday — a shorter time frame, so make your decision and stand up for your chosen competitor soon.

One thought on “Shakespearean March Madness: The Final Four

  1. I love that Margaret vs. Richard is the first canonical matchup, but there's no clear winner in the text. She killed his father and brother, he killed her son and husband. Nobody really came out ahead.


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